Jenny Lake Ranger Station

In the 1930’s the Jenny Lake Ranger Station and Museum opened for business as the park’s first visitor facility. Over the years, the cabin has moved twice. Lee Manges homesteaded ion this cabin near Windy Point in 1925. Park staff moved the cabin to the shores of Jenny Lake in 1929, and to its present location in the mid-1992.

Jenny Lake Store

Need a snack, firewood or a souvenir? Then stop by the Jenny Lake Store to make your purchase. The store is conveniently located in the South Jenny Lake area.

Jenny Lake Visitor Center

The Jenny Lake Visitor Center is adjacent to the main parking area for Jenny Lake and is accessed from the South Jenny Lake Junction Road. The Jenny Lake Visitor Center is housed in the historic Crandall Studio. Built in the late 1920s, this structure served as Harrison Crandall’s photography studio. Here, Crandall sold photographs and postcards of the Teton Range as park mementos while serving as the park’s official photographer. Capturing the spirit of Crandall, today the Jenny Lake Visitor Center serves as an art gallery and museum, illustrating the role that art has played in the conservation of the Teton Range.

The Visitor Center serves as a jump off point for the trails in and around Jenny Lake. This is the main trail access point for the Jenny Lake Boating Shuttles and Scenic Tours. You will find restrooms, a General Store, and Ranger Station. Take the .35m paved and wheelchair accessible Discovery Trail to the lake lake and boat services.