Jenny Lake Boating is committed to being a “Zero-Waste” Facility. The preservation of our natural environment is of the utmost priority. There is no shortage of ways that everyone can commit to preservation, below are steps we have taken in our pursuit of zero waste; 

  • Using hand stamps and reusable lanyards rather than printed tickets for our Shuttle Service and Scenic Cruise
  • Monitoring and logging our daily waste to landfills
  • Reducing our waste sent to landfills by composting and recycling 
  • Purchasing products in bulk when possible 
  • Purchasing products in reusable containers 
  • Encouraging our visitors to use multi-use containers by only selling reusable water bottle and providing refill stations
  • Educating our staff and informing our visitors 

Jenny Lake Boating has been recognized by Teton County, Wyoming as an RRR Business Leader