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Jenny Lake Boating encourages parents and school programs to visit Jenny Lake and Grand Teton National Park. We feel that when students visit the national park they will gain a deeper respect and appreciation for what is a wonderful gift to all. Children are our future “champions” of the parks and they need to experience the wonder to understand how fragile this gift is.

With that in mind, JLB kids who are working on their Jr. Ranger badge and take the shuttle ride will go FREE when accompanied by their parents or school group. (School groups need to contact us prior to coming to Jenny Lake to make appropriate arrangements). JLB also participates in the “Every Kid in the Park” program where 4th graders travel FREE when with their family on the shuttle boat.

On every scenic cruise, the captain/guide stops at the String Lake inlet and takes a photo of the JLB kid on the cruise and they will receive a” JLB kids” sticker/pencil.
Look for other activities for kids on both the East and West docks and earn “JLB kids” stickers or pencils.

In planning for your trip with your children go to the NPS website for activities and programs including electronic hikes and interactive games:

Helping connect kids with nature

For more activities for children

Click here to access youth trip pre planning and lesson plan

JLB Kids