Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Shuttle boat and the Scenic Cruise?

A: The shuttle service takes visitors to the West side of Jenny Lake and they disembark to hike trails to Hidden Falls (1/2 mile each way), Inspiration Point (1 mile each way) and into Cascade Canyon. Visitors can choose to take the shuttle round-trip or one-way. The One-way trip allows visitors to walk the 2 ½ mile trail along the southwest shore of the lake and then board for a return trip to the East Dock. Or visitors can take the boat to the West side and then return to the parking lot via the trail and hiking. The shuttle service operates every 10-15 minutes daily and reservations are not taken
The scenic cruise is a one-hour long tour around the perimeter of Jenny Lake with our knowledgeable guide/captain who provides a lively narrative about the history, geology, flora and fauna. Our guides are also able to answer questions of personal interest such as fishing, hiking, climbing, skiing, restaurants, etc. The cruises are offered 3 times daily during the peak summer times at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Reservations are recommended as the cruises do fill up regularly.

Q: Can I see Hidden Falls or Inspiration Point from the Scenic Cruise?

A: You will not be able to see Hidden Falls on the scenic cruise but you can see Inspiration Point.

Q:  How long is the Scenic Cruise?

A: The cruise lasts about 1 hour from push off to return to the dock.

Q: Will we see animals?

A: We often see animals, but there is no guarantee.

Q: What kind/style are the boats?  Are the boats open or closed?

A: The boats are V-hull, welded aluminum with canopy tops over the first 5 rows of seats.  They are an open style so picture-taking and viewing are available.

Q: Are the boats Wheelchair Accessible?

A: Yes, all of our shuttle/scenic cruise boats are wheelchair accessible.

Q: What is the difference between Jackson’s Hole and Jackson?

A: The term “hole” was coined by fur trappers of the 1820’s to describe a high altitude plateau ringed by mountain. Jackson’s Hole or Jackson Hole is the entire valley, 8 to 15 miles wide and 40 miles long. It was named for David E. Jackson, a trapper who reputedly spent the winter of 1829 along the shore of Jackson Lake.
Jackson refers to the town of Jackson which was incorporated in 1914.

Q: How high is the Grand Teton?

A: The Grand Teton has an elevation of 13,770 ft.

Q: What are the three peaks that we see from Jenny Lake?

A: The 3 peaks that you can see from Jenny Lake and that stand out the most are called the “Cathedral Group. The Grand is 13,770 ft in elevation, Teewinot Mountain is at 12,317 ft and Mt Owen is 12,922 ft.

Q: How did Jenny Lake get its name?

A: Jenny was the Shoshone indian wife of trapper and guide, “Beaver” Dick Leigh who guided the Hayden Expedition in 1872. The expedition named the lakes and mountains. In so doing, they named Jenny Lake after Jenny and Leigh Lake after “Beaver” Dick Leigh.