August 2017  Eclipse Info

Total Solar Eclipse

Grand Teton National Park is on a direct path for the 2017 August 21st total solar eclipse which will bring many more visitors to the park.  We are requesting that all park visitors plan to “pack in and pack out” any trash or food leftovers when hiking on the trails and enjoying the park during this very busy time.

There is good information for you at the following websites that describe the planning for the 2017 solar eclipse in Grand Teton National Park and in the town of Jackson.

Jenny Lake Boating will continue to be on our normal operating hours, with one exception, which should allow visitors an opportunity to be at Jenny Lake, hiking, boating or simply standing to observe.  The one exception to our regular schedule is there will be no scenic cruises on August 21st.

25 items you should know about the Total Solar Eclipse 2017: